A Model Pool Girl 🎰

 The Life of Jules

I wanted to introduce myself and give you the skinny on me.  We spend so much time together during the week it seemed only right to tell you a little more about myself.  You know I write, and I am in the swimming pool industry.  If you follow me on my Facebook page, The Life of Jules, you know I love horror movies, have a 3-year old and make the most ridiculous faces humanly possible in photos.  But how did I get to this point?

A Model Pool Girl Then & Now

Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.  Like the rest of us, I have faced and overcome adversity.  Heck, if I am sincere, I have overcome pure hell. I write this not as a sob story, but one of fact.  And of victory.  I am a fighter, not a victim.

Don’t Tell the Cops Nothing

I come from a broken home, raised by a mentally ill, drug addict & alcoholic mother. She and my stepfather became wanted felons, and I spent many-a-evening lying to the cops or watching my mother run down the street with a sawed-off shotgun. She ended up taking her own life last year in 2019.

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My brother and sister are both autistic and were a challenge. I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. I focused on school and was involved in 20 different activities. I was awarded multiple scholarships to college.

Around the World in Eighteen Years

Julie Davis, High School

When I was 9, I was bucked by a sheep named Angel Puss and almost lost my leg. (Easy. I said bucked). This gnarly adventure got me a $300,000 settlement when I turned 18.

You may think I am lucky, but my injury left me deformed and left me with chronic back pain for the rest of my life due to one leg being 2 inches longer than the other. I dropped out of school and quit my job and traveled—Cabo, Cancun, Belize, Honduras, Roatan..ah.paradise.

After hospital & attorney’s fees and my tweaker roommate stealing $42k from me, the money was gone. I came back and started my own lucrative eBay business. At sixteen, I started in the juniors department at Montgomery Wards. I was promoted to fine jewelry and eventually ran my own jewelry store. (That’s the job I quit to roam the globe.)

What Happens in Vegas

Jules Davis, A Model Pool Girl

When I turned 21, I did what most ok looking Las Vegas gals do, and I got into the service industry. I tended bar for years. I also began modeling, often full time. Yes, I have been on billboards and the sides of a bus and on tv. My 15 seconds of fame. (Sigh)

The service industry led to a party lifestyle. I dated & partied with a few celebrities and went to some pretty cool shindigs. Tito Ortiz, Marty Cordova, Kit Cope,  Martin Lawrence, Anthony Michael Hall, Leonardo Dicaprio. David Spade,  Paris Hilton & Nichole Richie, to name a few.

I have been friends with Jim Florentine since I was 18 and was even on one of his DVDs. Ever heard Stern refer to the “hot blonde in Vegas”? Yup. That was me. Howard gave me a lap dance at Spearmint Rhino. It was me buying Artie Lange tequila shots that night everyone thought he died. It got old, and so did I.

A Model Pool Girl

Stabbed in the Boob by a Bastard

I got into Real Estate and did bank foreclosures. Here I ended up meeting and falling in love with a guy who abused me in every way for six years. I mean, bad. He locked me in the backyard with a combination lock on the gate for days, wouldn’t let me have a phone or friends. Crazy stuff. I started drinking a lot to cope with. Finally, I had enough. He threw me through a window, and I got stabbed in the boob with a shard of glass, nearly missing my heart.

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I ran away in the middle of the night without even my shoes on. My Dad and my Stepmom were waiting in the car; they had driven up to rescue me. I left everything.

They drove me to Cali, and I haven’t looked back. I quit drinking and started going to church religiously. (See what I did there?) I fell in love and got married pretty quickly. I got pregnant even faster. My husband left me after five months for another woman at 12 weeks pregnant.

I immediately started applying for jobs, but I didn’t have a car, so I opted for places nearby. Around the corner was Leslie’s Pools. Hence, Jules the Pool Girl was born. I ended up loving it and being reasonably good at it. Meaning, I am a quick study. I still have a long way to go.

A Girl on a Mission

A Model Pool Girl, Top 30 under 40

A year ago I began a new job with the oldest pool store in Orange County, CA. – Mission Pool and Spa Supplies. I started a new medication. and had a bad reaction which led to a coma. I was on life support for a week, nearly dying, I again lost all that I had.

I have been clawing back for the last year. Mission Pools is still my work home. They have been good to me. I have full custody of my son, a gig as a columnist, a car, and I am moving into a new apartment next week. Even though I work a six-day workweek to make ends meet, I do still struggle sometimes to buy groceries or a bike for my kid.

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I don’t have a lot, but it’s mine, and I appreciate everything I have because I worked my ass off for it. I know life isn’t done throwing me curveballs yet, but I have invested in a pretty big bat at this venture. My point is, don’t let anything stop you. Let nothing hold you back. You can have a different life if you are willing to put in the work. Thanks for being loyal readers. Please reach out if you are struggling.

Jules Johnson is a columnist with Pool Operator Talk News 🌐

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