😲 Pool Owners Say the Darndest Things


Things Pool Pros Hear Over and Over and Over Again…
“and then they said that they could tell the water was in balance just by looking at it…”

If you have been in the pool industry for any length of time I’m sure you have noticed the pattern. A series of phrases that some backyard pool owners use repeatedly. I’m not talking about a single customer saying the same thing more than once. I’m talking about those sentences said time and time again by people seemingly unrelated to one another with out time or geographic boundaries. Are a few bad apples giving all of the others a bad rap?  Hardly, but the utterances of verbiage from those outspoken few are so common that it leaves the pool pro wondering if there is some best selling book on amazon titled:

“Stupid 💩 The Pool Guy/Girl Loves to Hear”


“It Was Clear Yesterday”  – Um, NO it wasn’t. We’re not saying that a pool can’t turn green overnight, we know that it can, but give me a break. Green to Clean is a big part of what we do for a living. If you think that we can’t tell how long a pool has been green, or guesstimate a fairly accurate time-frame,  then you are out your algae picking minds. Is this customer lying, or just confused?. Somebody dropped the big green slimy ball – what do you think?

“It Smells Like a Pool Store in Here” is a sentence that hits the retail gurus in our industry like finger nails on a freaking blackboard. Always the same scenario, one of the first customers of the day. The doors to your brick and mortar swing open and in he or she  walks. Only two steps into the building and there it is – Ha Ha Ha, Oh boy, that was a good one. I get it, because its a pool store. 🤣 Hey genius, we sell chlorine – did you think it was going to smell like a bakery?

“We’re Having a Party on Saturday”  They can’t all be having a party on Saturday, can they? Saying this to your pool guy/girl is probably nothing more than a futile attempt to get a pool professional to jump and give your neglected vat of forsaken backyard quag priority – isn’t it? The truth of the matter is, the only way you are guaranteed to get your Saturday Swamp Shindig into pole position, is to actually invite your pool tech to this festive sodden soirée as a guest – Hint Hint ?

“I Don’t Use Chlorine; I Have a Saltwater Pool” Here’s the thing, a saltwater pool is a chlorine pool. The only difference here is the delivery system.   To simplify, we add 3,000 to 4,000 ppm of salt to a swimming pool (about 250 to 333 lbs per 10,000 gallons).  The saltwater solution we created passes through the electrolytic cell that contains electrically charged plates (a cathode and an anode). The sodium chloride separates into both Na (sodium) and Cl (Chlorine). The chlorine gas becomes hypochlorous acid (HClO) and hypochlorite ion (ClO-), the combination of the two known as FAC (Free Available Chlorine). This one – I honestly don’t believe the pool owner to be at fault, just misinformed.


Did We Miss Any?

Add Some Other Things Pool Pros Hear Over and Over Again to the Comments Below



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10 thoughts on “😲 Pool Owners Say the Darndest Things”

  1. I’m allergic to chlorine, that’s why I have a salt water pool.
    My pool isn’t dirty or green, but no one has been here to clean it for a month so I want a free month of service.
    I had a pool when I lived in the upper east coast, so I am quite qualified in telling you how a commercial pool in Florida should be taken care of.

  2. I was told to use only bleach. I can’t use chlorox.. ” tv commercial above ground sales she bought pool from told them this”

  3. “We new we was changing the liner next year so we just stopped putting chemicals in and didnt bother with the winter cover no point in paying to close it!”

    “I just backwash every couple days”

    “All i do is shock it, everything else is good”

    “It just stopped leaking”

    “Its beem like that Every since you opened it i haven’t touched it”

    “I need that piece that touches the water, you know on the tank thing, its black at night time, about 12” long but not quite a 1′ thats to big. I cant remember the name its the standard one, starts with a “S” or a “Y” maybe, you sold my cousin one 6 years ago, it goes on a general electric filter pump, can you just bring them all i’ll know it when i see it. It looks just like, well if your not sure thats it, ill just have my neighbor look at it he’s a dentist and his wife’s friend use to date a lifegaurd he knows pools and can fix it. Im sorry i thought you guys stocked part. i called my nieghbor he said the engine is a intex …. the owner knows my pool is he here”

  4. I get phone calls like these

    “There were no chlorine tabs in the floater so I assume you haven’t been here yet”

    No I was there. You just loaded your floater between my visits and raised the to chlorine so high it doesn’t need any for a while. Oh, never mind the 4 pounds of leaves that magical disappeared today….nope I have been there yet lol.

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