23 thoughts on “Pool Sharing 🤝 Is This a Thing?”

  1. This business clearly works in Indonesia, because it’s really hot here (tropical country). But I think the important things for starting to build it are: Purchasing the basic equipment and decorations to make the pool better, getting an official certificate, and calculating the right pay rates.

    In your opinion, are those steps above are enough to make a decent one?

    Great article by the way

    1. thank you for reading! i think the better the condition and care of the pool, the more desirable the property will be. in order for this venture to be successful, health & safety will need to remain in the forefront.

  2. Wow, that is a fantastic idea for a website! I know there are a ton of people who don’t like public pools so this would be a good option. As long as the guests make sure to clean up after themselves and not pee in the pool everything should work out just fine for the owner!

  3. This would here in Canada I think. With a short summer season, not many people want the maintenance of a pool for themselves.

  4. I have never heard of this concept, but it is very intriguing. So many people love to swim but hate the maintenance of owning a pool of their own. Here in the states, there are so many different climates…some states are warm year round, while others see snow into June. I can see the warmer areas really getting into this.

  5. What a great idea! Come on U.S. pool hosts! I’m ready for a swim! But I wonder how the liability all works for the hosts. Overall I love the idea and they do say that a pool stays cleaner and requires less maintenance when it’s used regularly, so seems like a win-win to me!

  6. This is interesting. We didn’t have a pool growing up, but three people in the neighborhood did. On hot days, my mom would call and we’d go over. It was great fun. However, these days I’d be worried about liability for a pool sharing company. What if someone drowns? These are private pools without lifeguards. It’s a little scary.

  7. I love swimming but I’m not an expert. Thanks for sharing this stuff with us.
    I always go to clean places which is near to me. In my country, it’s so good. It’s great that you are satisfied in 97% of cases. Happy blogging. Keep sharing with us.

  8. Seeing so many people are now entering swimming as hobby or learning, I think this pool sharing is a best idea.

  9. Great article and excellent attention to detail. I have never heard of pool sharing but will check it out!

  10. Very interesting information. My parents have a pool and i will be telling them this info. Although it’s only swimming weather here 3 to 4 months out of the year.

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